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We stalked up for the winter, NOW it's time to lose it!!
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La Habra · CA
Stephanie (Stefuhnii)

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5 years ago Stephanie said:

Stephanie (Stefuhnii)'s Workout Log  

5/26/12 1 hr Kenpo, kickboxing Maintain the workout equally with both sides
5/25/12 1 hr 16mins Legs and back, Abs! Engage core
5/24/12 1hr 30 mins Yoga
5/23/12 1hr 16 mins Day 3: shoulders and arms!!! And abbbbbssss Did better on abs!
5/22/12 1 hr Day 2: plyometrics Burn fat
5/21/12 15 mins All 1 min each: Jog, floor pops, mud run (double tap each side), jumping jacks, Air jacks, leg in and outs, burpees wih push up! Repeated once Cardio! sweatin now
5/21/12 1 hr 16 minsoour P90X Chest and Back and Ab Dvd quality and form!
5/20/12 All day!! Hike, skeet shot, laugh!! Enjoy 95 degree fun!
5/19/12 25 mins BOOTCAMP
5/18/12 40 mins Stairs!!! 1 miles up hill power walk 1 mile Exercise
5/17/12 15 mins Inner thigh!! Tone
5/16/12 30 mins BOOTCAMP
5/15/12 5 mins Squat challenge feel the burnnn it's on fire!
5/15/12 30 mins All 1 min each: Jog, floor pops, mud run (double tap each side), jumping jacks, Air jacks, leg in and outs, burpees wih push up! REPEAT 3 more times! BURN FAT! I was sweating like a pig to look like a fox!
5/14/12 30 mins Advanced BOOTCAMP Feel the burnnnn!!!
5/14/12 30 mins BOOTCAMP Push myself
5/13/12 1 hour Jog/power walk 2 miles and flip 400 lb tire Burn fat!!
5/12/12 19 mins Jog/power walk on treadmill Prepare for mud run I wasn't made to run
5/12/12 30 min BOOTCAMP Work hard
5/11/12 20 mins Walk dog
5/10/12 20 mins Walk dog
5/9/12 30 mins the 100 workout: 100 jumping jacks, 90 crunches, 80 squats. 70 leg lifts, 60 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 40 squats, 30 leg lifts, 20 jumping jacks, run for 10 mins workout even though i have to miss bootcamp tonight! pushed myself just like Adina would!!
5/8/12 3 hours walking
5/7/12 30 mins BOOTCAMP Workout Notes?
5/7/12 2mile park walk Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
5-6-12 30 mins Took the dogs for a mile walk Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
5/5/12 30 mins BOOTCAMP Not let my sunburn win! Workout Notes?
5/4/12 30 minutes Walk the dog w some power walk/jog Workout Notes?
5/3/12 20 minutes Plank/side leg lifts, 10 burpees Workout even tho I'm sore!! Even more sore!!
5/2/12 30 minutes BOOTCAMP with Mike!! Keep up with the advanced class!! I've never worked so hard in my life!!! : )
5/2/12 30 mins BOOTCAMP with Adina!! Push myself!! Workout Notes?
5/2/12 AT work, 2 hours..) Walk/power walk
5/1/12 2 hours DANCED!!! played just dance every song all the way through! Dance my pants off! I feel good!
4-30-12 30 mins Boot camp Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
4-29-12 45 mins Went for a jog and did some leg lifts and squats!!! Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
4-28-12 30 mins Boot camp Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
4-27-12 60 mins Went for a walk Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
4-26-12 30 mins Walked the dog Workout Goals? Workout Notes?
4/25/12 30 minutes Bootcamp push myself Workout Notes?
4/24/12 while at work power walk 4 miles
4/23/12 1 hour Beginnger and Advance Bootcamp Get lower on squats, and run harder : ] SOOOORE!!

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